Online Tuition

Until a year ago I conducted all my tutoring face-to-face, with students either coming to my house or me driving to theirs. Whilst this worked well in a densely populated area, a move to a more rural location meant that travel times became increasingly unrealistic, so I decided to investigate providing tuition online.

Initially sceptical myself, I researched a variety of platforms before settling on a solution.  I can honestly say that it is as effective as being in the same room and have had many students who I used to see face-to-face, who I now tutor exclusively online.

The technology is simple to use. We connect through the internet via Skype for voice and video and share an electronic whiteboard on which I can pre-load material or write on interactively.

You don’t need to purchase or install any special hardware or software. Please click on the clip below to see a brief video demonstration. I am always happy to provide a free, no-obligation demonstration to parents or students who are unsure if it would work for them.